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Resources for Veterans and Employers through PsychArmor
PsychArmor is a non-profit organization that offers resources to veterans to succeed in their post military life, and to those without a military background to effectively engage and support service members and their families. PsychArmmor provides free, online training videos delivered by subject matter experts who are committed to educating the civilian community about military culture.

Matt Feldhaus, Army veteran and Learning and Engagement Development Manager at PsychArmor, joins the podcast to discuss the company’s mission and services. Topics include: Matt’s military background and career path, PsychArmor’s educational services, and Course highlights for both veterans and employers.

Recruiter Provides Valuable Insight on How to Perfect Your Resume

In today’s competitive job market, a well-written resume is an important tool to get your foot in the door and on your way to landing the perfect position. Mike Wood, Marine Corps Veteran and Recruiter at Orion, joins the show to discuss his best advice for making sure your resume positions you for success in your job search. Topics include: Frequently asked questions about resumes, Resume best practices, and Benefits of working with Orion to update your resume.

Overcoming the Soft Skills Gap

According to LinkedIn’s CEO, the most important skills that today’s job seekers are missing are soft skills. Sam McRimmon, an Orion Recruiter, joins the show to discuss her perspective working with job seekers on a day to day basis, and to give some advice for making sure you master this intangible part of your skillset. Topics include: How to identify which soft skills you have and which ones you should work on, Honing your soft skills, Showcasing soft skills on your resume and during an interview.

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About: Liz McLean, Air Force veteran, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, joined our show to discuss her military background, transition, and role in the USAFA’s new career center website. episode-98-USAFA-grads

About: Matthew J. Louis, author of Mission Transition, discusses highlights from his recently released book: episodes/episode-85-mission-transition-navigating-the-opportunities-and-obstacles-to-yourpost-military-career


NUDC Webinars

Diverse Suppliers-What’s the Secret Sauce to Maintaining Relationships with Your Utility Clients?

NUDC Webinars

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