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Minority Women Veterans Organization’s 2020 Shero of the Year

Congratulations Keione!

Keione A. Gordon has been selected as Shero of the Year for 2020. Keione has proven to be a real inspiration to female veterans worldwide.

Keione A. Gordon served 6 years in the United States Army Medical Command; she is also a mother of three children, Auzurae 23, Adrian 22, and Kaeden 12.

Keione A. Gordon sitting in a chair wearing a dark blue dressin a professional photo
Keione A. Gordon SHERO of the Year

During her service she was awarded an ARCOM, AAMs and an MOVSM for her service to soldiers and her surrounding communities. She grew up in a Suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, earned an Associate Degree in Allied Health/Medical Assisting and a Bachelor of Art in Healthcare Administration, while caring for her eldest children as a single mother. After a devastating corporate downsize, and the terminal cancer diagnosis of her father, Keione decided to follow in her many of her family’s footsteps before her and join the United States Army.

Keione has always enjoyed working with people and giving back to the community. Prior to the start of her military career, she had been active in church and several college, community, and national organizations, and spent time developing and cultivating those organizations through community involvement, activism and selfless service. She co-founded and served as the first National President of Alpha Gamma Xi Military Sorority, Inc., a non- profit 501c3, which allows the service minded military woman to have a true foundation and sisterhood and achieve her highest potential both professionally and personally. Alpha Gamma Xi defines a new sisterhood for military women, one with education, solidarity, philanthropy, cultural diversity and the advancement of Military Women.

She started a walk of faith in 2014 when she and 4 other veteran women decided to ban together and develop Alpha Gamma Xi Military Sorority, Inc. with a goal to be the premier Military Sorority in the World. Since, she has spearheaded the development of initiatives and programs that cater to Service Women, both past and present. She encourages the empowerment of women through membership and embodies a heart for service through her community work and outreach projects.

Her favorite part of this journey has been the ability to focus on the issues that affect many service women. She takes pride in being able to uplift women from all walks of life and lend a hand to those in need; whether it be financially, or emotionally, through programs like SHERO and the SWANS Outreach Program.

When she is not working or serving Alpha Gamma Xi, she enjoys writing, singing, and spending time with her family, who are a very important part of her life and support system. She is a licensed Medical Aesthitician and plans to open a wellness spa center focused on treatments and therapies for those who are looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine.

She is many things to many people, but her most important roles in life are Mother and Daughter, though both her parents are now deceased.

“The things I love most in life are my family, my friends and my sorors. Without any one of these, I would not be who I am, I would be incomplete. They keep me grounded and humble but encourage me to reach for the stars. They believe in me even when I am unsure of myself. A constant support that I am blessed to have.”

Source: MWVO

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