The Best of the Best annual review highlights companies and schools for helping veterans advance, get employed and start or partner with a business.  Many companies are talking about the value of hiring a veteran, but for those who are doing it and as a result seeing the increased value to their businesses—kudos to you.

Organizations that strive for diversity and incorporate it into their business practices are able to leverage the value that true diversity has to offer: a rich breadth of ideas, a wide range of perspectives, and an ability to attract the very best talent. When diversity pervades your organization, you better understand the demographics of your market and thus are well equipped to attract and meet the needs of that market.

DiversityComm, Inc. (DCI) proudly presents its Best of the Best competition each year.  DCI gathers data to compile our Best of the Best institutions in business, education, industry and suppliers diversity programs. Our annual review is a valuable resource for jobseekers, business owners and management, students, and consumers. Results are released in our summer publication.

We invite you to participate and your organization may be included on this year’s prestigious DCI Best of the Best lists. Our researchers will compile the lists based on information from survey submissions as well as data from independent research organizations, market research reports, public information, 10-K annual reports, conference participation and the unique efforts made by human resource and supplier managers to actively seek veteran applicants and certified veteran business owners.


“Best of the Best” Survey FAQs:

1)  Who should complete the survey?

We recommend that the person who completes the survey is familiar with the company’s/schools veteran initiatives.


2)  Is there a fee to participate in the survey?

There is no fee to participate in the survey.


3)  When will the results of the survey be published?

The results will be published online, in our downloadable digital editions and in the summer print issue of the magazine.


4)  How is the survey distributed?

The application is sent out via an email invitation.


5)  Where can I find the methodology for the Best of the Best Survey?

 The methodology for the annual survey can be found here.


6)  Privacy Policy

The information provided to USVM is confidential and will not be shared.  A permission request may be made to individuals whose quote and/or photo is chosen to be featured in our list of the Best of the Best.


7)  Is the list in a number ranking order?

No, the list is in alphabetical order


8)  Is there a contact phone number and email address for DiversityComm, Inc. regarding questions about the Best of the Best Survey?

Yes, to request the survey or have questions about the survey please contact:


or call 855-411-8786