Swett & Crawford's "Swett Warriors" help U.S. soldiers transition home from duty.

Swett and Crawford staff

COMING TOGETHER: Staff at a Swett & Crawford office show their solidarity.

In 2010, the commercial insurance broker created a program it calls “Swett Warriors” to help U.S. troops transition home.

Servicemen and women have immediate and ongoing needs upon their  return, including finding  jobs, stability and an opportunity to resume normal lives. In addition, many return home with combat-related injuries, along with medical and psychological challenges. Nearly 50,000 were injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Soldier Ride in New York City

On the road: Participants cycle during a Soldier Ride in New York

The program’s slogan: “Coming home is just the beginning -it’s our turn to serve” sets the tone of the mission, said managing director of marketing Jennifer Pinto.  “During a time when large corporations are known for solely driving their bottom line, Swett & Crawford has gone above and beyond to not just help those soldiers in need but to truly understand the issues they face when they return home.”  She said it’s a passion that is also felt by its employees, many of whom have donated significant amounts of time and money to the cause. Recently, the company and its staff donated $10,000 to Creech Air Force Base in Nevada. The money will be used toward the purchase of cross-fit equipment for a new gym annex to be completed in November.  On Jan. 27, 2013,  the  program will return to Creech Air Force Base to roll out the red carpet for its first Swett Warrior Gala and give a hero’s welcome to a special group of fearless warriors.

When soldiers return home, noted Pinto, “unfortunately, it’s to a poor economy with limited resources to help them financially, physically and  mentally. This issue becomes tenfold as a wounded veteran rehabilitates and transitions back to civilian life. For their  sacrifice, they deserve all the thanks, enablement and private financial support we can provide them in order to help ‘nurture their minds and body, and encourage economic empowerment and engagement’.”

Several celebrities have lent a hand to Swett Warriors since its inception. Actor Gary Sinise,