Government Grants - Possible New Careers for Veterans

Upon discharge or retirement from active duty, military veterans often face the harsh reality of ˜normal' life. That is, they begin to tense about finding a job, building a home, or getting along with a new line of work as opposed to their military duty.

This is why the federal government, as well as some non-profit organizations, has offered grants to help make the transition from military to civilian easier for Veterans. For their service to their beloved country, it is the least that can be done for them.

Hector Milla Editor of the "Free Scholarships And Grants" website -- -- pointed out;

" Some military personnel, upon discharge, do not find shifting to civilian life a piece of pie. This is especially true in the case of non-technical specialists. Grants are available in many forms and qualifications to help every veteran find a niche in civilian life "

For specialists such as Military service engineers, researchers, designers, and others, turning to a career in consulting seems like the best shot at normalcy. Unfortunately, not everyone discharged can take advantage of such skills. Many veterans go for less than lucrative jobs just because they don't qualify for better paying jobs. Also, you will have to factor in the fact that many of these veterans have also acquired some sort of disability due to their tours of duty.

Many veterans of past wars such as World War 2, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War not to mention the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have acquired physical or even emotional and mental disabilities as a result of life on the field. The government has at least allowed some grants to help these people find get on better footing.

Government grants are made available every year with the Annual Federal Budget. This allocates a good deal of money for various government agencies to forward projects and grants. This budget should be used to forward the welfare of those covered by each agency. The projects may be forwarded by various entities: agencies, cities, states, and even the President himself. However, ultimately, it is Congress that gets say on which projects to push through with.

Grant projects become available to the agencies once the budget is made available to them. Various grants will then be offered to those that qualify for certain projects. These grants will become available on the CFDA, or the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. This would be a good place to look up a grant that fits your qualification.

There are various grants aimed at veterans through the Government agency that specifically deals with them the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are too many grants to list here, but suffice it to say that there are grants to deal with homeless veterans, continuing education programs, home building grants, and grants that help veterans with their jobs such as job training grants.

Education and job training grants are great for those that are looking for a new career but desire more training to be better equipped for the job market. Home grants are also a great way for veterans to get their feet firmly planted on stable soil so that they are in a better position to earn.

Finding Veteran's Grants All you have to do to browse these grants is to log on to to find a comprehensive and complete listing of these grants. There will be many other websites promising to be the best and most exhaustive list of grants around. However, you will find that many of these sites will either extract a fee from you or will forward you to bogus sites and scams.

It doesn't help that the official websites of the US government are never on the top of the search engines lists. You will find many sites claiming to be the ˜official' web portal of the United States government only to show every evidence of being a pay site or a partner site to other grant-assistance web sites.

While there are legitimate grant-assistance websites, do be wary of the fact that there are always people ready to take advantage of people on the Internet.

" It is not piece of cake Applying for a grant is straightforward. However, getting them approved is another question. You will have to study the grant carefully so that you know if you truly are qualified. Getting a grant approved is a very competitive affair. So you will need to study how to create grant applications that is both qualified and attention garnering ." added H. Milla.

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